Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Takes a lot to feed a kid

If you are like me and it has been a while since my kids left home you might be surprised what happens when kids are out of school. They eat, sleep, eat, watch TV eat, play video games and eat. Do you realize how much food one kid can pack away when they are home all day? A LOT! This is what our parents have been facing the past two months while school is out. Even with help from Cedar Hill Shares Food Pantry parents have been struggling.

Thankfully, at least for parents, school will be starting soon and the families can take advantage of the free/reduced breakfast and lunch program. In CHISD 60% of all students are on this program. Unfortunately, for those who are not on the program, they might not even have one nutritious meal a day. It is hard to believe that 8,000 individuals in Cedar Hill are food insecure with half of these living in poverty.

We all see pictures of starving, unwashed kids in foreign countries and we cry for them. There are kids right here in Cedar Hill that are in the same circumstances. Thank you to all the individuals, clubs, schools, businesses that donate daily. Without what they donate and the items donated by Kroger, Target, Walmart and Sprouts our families would not have the variety of food and produce they do. We pick up from these businesses five days a week.

One of the latest donations came from the Cedar Hill Rotary Club . They work all year to get their Head For The Hills Bike Rally set up. A big portion of their proceeds go to various service organizations in Cedar Hill. On August 10 they gave checks to 20 organizations totaling $18,000.
Cedar Hill Shares was the proud precipitant of $2,000. Thank you Rotary for all your Service Above Self.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mission Cedar Hill Feeds Families

Thanks to Mission Cedar Hill the Pantry is stocked with much needed food. Thirteen volunteers worked all day in the hot weather sorting, transporting and stocking approximately 5,000 items of food from storage to the Pantry. The sad part is the food had been donated, but we didn't have the personnel to sort and transport. The good news is Daniel Foster, Youth Director of High Point Baptist Church called and asked how his group could help. What a blessing!

Friday, March 20, 2015

More FLAIR in Fashion with Flair

You are invited to attend this year’s Fashion with Flair Luncheon and Style Show, April 9, 2015. The City of Cedar Hill has graciously donated the use of the Alan E. Sims Cedar Hill Recreation Center, 310 E. Parkerville Rd,  Cedar Hill. The fun will start at 11:30 with an enticing filled silent auction. A scrumptious luncheon will be served with entertainment by the CHHS Choir.  Sixteen local individuals will “strut their stuff” in stunning outfits previously donated to New2You Thrift Store. You will be amazed by the glamour and style New 2 You has to offer at unheard of reasonable prices.
If you have attended Fashion with Flair Luncheon & Style Show in the past you know that we will have lots of fun. This is an event we started ten years ago to bring attention to the quality merchandise New2You Thrift Store offers. This is our one big fund raising event each year. The proceeds from this event helps our organization provide food and funds additional programs that give a “hand up” to those amongst us most in need. Local members of the community will be modeling outfits they have chosen from New 2 You. This year, thanks to the Staubach family, Rodger Staubach , his wife Marianne,  and their daughter Michelle Staubach Grimes there is going to be more Flair in the event. Rodger has donated an autographed football signed by him and five of his Cowboy team mates. There is a letter stating they are authentic autographs. Marianne donated many of the dresses being worn by our models and Michelle Staubach Grimes has donated a copy of her new children’s book Pidge which has recently been featured on Channel 11.  Pidge is the nickname Marianne had as a child. The book focuses on the need of a middle child to be OK being their self.  The book is autographed by both Michelle and her mother Marianne.
Both the football and Pidge will be in a live auction.
Tickets are available at the Food Pantry and at the New 2 You Thrift Store.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Looking for a Job?

For those that are looking for a job. Hopefully this might help

Alida is holding a Job Fair on Thursday 26 March 2015, from 7:00 a.m. - 3 P.M.
805 East Beltline Rd.
Cedar Hill, Texas 75104

Monday, March 2, 2015

Pantry Follows CHISD Closing

If the weather is bad and the CHISD is CLOSED the Food Pantry will be Closed.

Hopefully, the weather will stay in the safe range so that we can be open our regular hours this week.
Mon. and Wed. 1:00 - 4:00, Fri. 9:00 - noon and Sat. 10:00-1:00.

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Name, New Look, Same Service

2015 is going to be such an exciting year. We are proud owners of 4 acres of land. We have officially changed our name from Sharing the Bread Cedar Hill Food Pantry to Cedar Hill Shares Food Pantry. We do so much more than distribute bread! 
We provide TXU Energy Assistance, assist with water bills, provide gas assistance in medical appointments or a job interview, assist residents to apply for WIC, SNAP, Medicaid and other programs. 
Currently the food pantry and the thrift store are at different locations, but not for long. We will be launching a Capital Campaign to raise funds for a new 12,000 sq. ft. building on S. Clark Road. This will allow us to share the cost of operation, be easier to manage, and be a one-stop shop for clients. Sales from goods sold at the thrift store come back to support programs at the food pantry. By combining the two in one building we will save the $5,000 a month rent on the thrift store. Can you imagine how many meals that would add at three meals per every dollar?

Scouts Help fill Pantry Shelved

A Big Thank You to all the Boy Scouts of Cedar Hill that collected 3,599 items February 14, 2015. This goes a long way in refilling our shelves.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Volunteer at Justserve.com

The Local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Cedar Hill Good Shepherd Episcopal Church are taking a lead part in the Cedar Hill area providing urgent volunteer service needed by the Cedar Hill Food Pantry and Cedar Hill Thrift Store. The Food Pantry provides food to hundreds of needy families and the 
Thrift Store sells donated clothes, furniture and more at thrift store prices to provide funds for the Cedar Hill Food Pantry and provide such items at a thrift price.  There are 4 Projects (see attached).  Justserve.org provides the means to post projects and means to volunteer for those projects:  Persons signing up must register with a brief account with Justserve.org and sign up for a desired time/date/project.  Projects are on going thru 2015.

Here is how to do it:

1. Go to justserve.org
2. Click Register
3. Put in your info for your account.
4. Now you can go back and sign in anytime you wish.
5. When you sign in, the screen comes up for you to type the City or Zip.  Type Cedar Hill or 75104.
6.You will see 4 Food Pantry Projects: 
7.Brouse thru them and select the one you wish to volunteer for.
8.On the next screen click the volunteer button to see what hours/days are available. You can do a one day service (non recur) or do it on a recurring basis week by week.
9.If you desire to do a one day service, select non recur and enter the date you will serve.
10. If you desire to do service on a recurring basis, click that button and select the day you want to work every week.
11.  Once you enter the day you want, select submit and the computer will tell you, you have volunteered and will notify the food pantry or thrift store you are coming.

Please volunteer.  Your Services are needed. Tell, your neighbors and friends.  They can sign up to. This is a community project for everyone to help out. Adults are needed for the Food Pantry. Youth age 16 and up can volunteer  also at the thrift store.

Ed Wilks
Project Developer
<Cedar Hill Food Pantry Volunteer Needs (1).docx>